IntelyCare Web Banner Ad Graphics  

Lead Freelance Graphic Designer - Bedelyn Dabel
Creative Director - Michelle Rafalik 
Brand Illustrations - Anastasia Beltyukova
Brand Assets (Colors, Type, and Logos) - Altos  

During my time as a freelance graphic designer on the marketing team at IntelyCare, a healthcare workforce management platform. I worked alongside our creative director on various campaigns to create a number of creative display ads. 

These display ads ran for several weeks to months based on their needs and campaigns. Using IntelyCare's current branding I was able to stay on trend and not stray from the company colors, illustrations, and typography style to create the most effective display ads with high CTRs. 
Eliminate Staffing Agency Web Banners 
Fire Staffing Agency Web Banners 
AAPACN Diamond Web Banners