InPUBLIC 2022 Banners  
Credit / Role 

InPUBLIC Designer - Bedelyn Dabel
InPUBLIC Photographer - Stefanie Belnavis 
InPUBLIC Photographer - Nohemi Rodriguez
InPUBLIC Blog Text - Kamaria Carrington

I was invited to be a part of InpUBLIC 2022, a series of public art interventions anchored in spatial justice during the summer of 2022. My role as an InPUBLIC artist and designer involved working with the InPUBLIC team to create a series of banners that would correspond with each InPUBLIC summer event. 

The series was created to nurture atmospheres that allow all of us to play, connect, dance, and be in public space. The series culminated in a three-day art festival centered around the theme of PLAY. The events were curated by a multi-racial team of local artists with the intention of centering joy and creative expressions of Black, Indigenous, and people of Color (BIPOC) in the heart of Downtown Boston in partnership with the Design Studio for Social Intervention, NEFA, and the Downtown Boston BID. - Kamaria Carrington.
InPUBLIC: ALL Our Relations: A Family Reunion Celebrating Juneteenth (June 17) 
This event was an invitation for Boston to come together to play, connect, dance, and BE together in public again. Photo Credit: Stefanie Belnavis 
InPUBLIC: Black Love, A Jam Session (July 14) was hosted by Black Cotton Club 
The public was invited to share poems, stories, songs, affirmations, and more on the topic of love within black bodies. Photo Credit: Stefanie Belnavis 
inPUBLIC: Wild Rumpus (August 11-13)
A three-day Festival invited the public to experience play in public space through movement, dance, rest, creation, games, and music. Photo Credit: Nohemi Rodriguez